Why us ?

In a region where winter activities are very famous, Savoie is very attractive for summery activities too: a proof? 7,3 million of people spend a night between june and september. It's the 5e more popular departement for the tourism.

There is 707 500 bed for tourist in Savoie.

Our aventure racing stretch in 2 zones: Tarentaise and Beaufortain.  For Tarentaise, there is 397 200 beds and 65 000 beds for Beaufortain/Val d’Arly. You can have different offer: 1 511 shelters, 518 hotels, 336 tourist residences, 228 collective accommodations, 154 refuges and other shelters, and 116 camping sites.

For frequentation, there is a lot of difference for the year 2011: 2 135 500 nights for tourist residences, 842 100 nights for hotel, 712 200 nights for collective accommodations, 68 700 nights for shelters, for all the year. For camping sites, there is 621 200 nights between May and September.

Furthermore, in this region you can practice a lot of different activities, in different ways: 6 000 km of path (4 7370 km in PDIPR), 2 426 km of path for bike, 77 km of “véloroutes” and 1 982 km of path for mountain bikes. These 2 zones have 47 sites of flight for parapente, 103 rock climbing sites, 36 via ferrata, 75 canyoning sites and 30 adventure routes. There is a lot of water spaces too: 1 800 km of stream, 8 000 ha of stretch of water and fishing lake. For the golf amateur, you can found 4 golf with 18 hole.

It’s a region very attractive for foreigner too: there are 661 600 foreigners who spend a night in this region. It represents 15 % of all the nights.

Below, foreigners repartition with the different nationality: