Staps Student Offer

2 days

Day 1: We'll start the offer by 25 km slop in mountain bike from Tignes' dam until Bourg-saint-Maurice. In the city we'll dive in the Isère for 10 km in hydrospeed. After that we'll take back the mountains bikes and we'll go to the Darentasia chalet where we spend our night. You'll be initiate at groundwork survive in nature. After that we'll take a typical meal: diot white with win and polenta.

polenta-2.jpgDarentasia Refuge






Day 2: For the second day we'll do a 27 km long bike ride. You'll discover the two fort: Truc (1570 m height) and Platte (2009 m height). After that, we'll see 5 lakes of La Forclaz: the lakes of Esola, Riondet, Cornu, Verdet and Noir (Black). Then, to finish we'll ride back down toward Bourg-saint-Maurice.


Favorable period: May

Supervision: STAPS students, external supplier for hydrospeed, STAPS professors

Technical level: Good swimmer, initiate in mountain bike.

Physical level: Physical activities

Material to be planned: sportswear, mountain shoes, 30 L backpack, swimsuit, bath towel, sleeping bag, pic-nic of the first day, personal matter, mountain bike.

Lent material: Hydrospeed.


Lien boutique



Watch the itinerary :

Day 1 :







Day 2 :